Cable Management Services

Wire & Cable Project Solution

OmniCable has been a market leader since 1977 and has been able to adjust to both product needs and the need for project management. We can work with engineers to make sure that all product, quantity, and delivery needs are met. One minor mistake, such as a shortage of wire or a delay in delivery time, can create a chain of delays throughout the entire project.

OmniCable has an extensive inventory so that we can be your “One-Stop Shop” for all of the wire and cable needed for a project.  Make OmniCable your source for all of your project needs.

Why do you need a Wire & Cable Project Solution?

  • OmniCable has stock ready to cut and ship same day, so you never have to worry about any project delays
  • Lengths are managed to reduce excess spending
  • OmniCable is flexible with changes of specs or inventory needs
  • Project costs can increase throughout the project if cable costs increase. OmniCable offers firm pricing throughout the project
  • OmniCable can help eliminate hidden costs which can add up to 25% of a project's overall cost
  • OmniCable can arrange joint sales calls with engineers and manufacturers

Why should you use OmniCable?

  • 98.91% of orders are shipped within a 24-hour period
  • 99.95% order accuracy (material & quantity)
  • OmniCable maintains ownership and liability until it is delivered to the job site
  • Dedicated Product Specialists have access to inventory 24/7/365
  • 12 locations and over $70 million in inventory nationwide
  • Technical and engineering supports and on-site assistance

OmniCable’s Wire & Cable Project Solution can help increase efficiency by:

  • Overseeing logistics from point of order
  • Following a strict schedule
  • Reducing excess spending
  • Managing inventory
  • Shipping directly to the job site
  • Having one source for your wire & cable

OmniCable can help eliminate hidden costs such as:

  • Storage and labor costs associated with receiving the materials too early
  • Loss from theft of materials stored on site
  • Damaged cable due to having the material on site before it is needed
  • Labor costs from moving materials in and out of storage
  • Additional shipping cost from shipping to the distributor first
  • Invoices for materials that have not shipped yet
  • Delays due to material shortages
  • Surplus material after job completion