Cable Knowledge

  • Utility Market Trends in 2019

    How is the utility market expected to evolve in the year ahead? We discuss this market’s outlook and its ties to the cable and wire markets.
  • REV Up Your Industrial Ethernet Connectors with Belden's REVConnect RJ45

    Performance, reliability, and time-to-install are not always on your side when selecting connectors for Industrial Ethernet field-termination. Bonded-pair technology can be specifically difficult to terminate.Belden has found that customer pain points include the following...
  • Understanding the 5 Types of Portable Cord Mining Cable

    There are five prominent types of portable cord mining cables - Type W, Type G, Type G-GC, MP-GC, and SHD-GC. That’s great, but how do you know what cable to recommend to your customer for their project? Let’s take a deeper look at each type of mining cable to understand their applications.
  • Vertical Markets: Automation Applications & Cable Products

    How is automation expected to evolve in the year ahead? We discuss this technology’s outlook and its ties to the wire & cable markets.
  • Automation Vertical Market Trends in 2019

    How is automation expected to evolve in the year ahead? We discuss this technology’s outlook and its ties to the cable and wire markets.
  • OmniCable Featured in EW's July Issue for Circuit Breaker Solutions

    OmniCable’s circuit breaker program was recently featured in Electrical Wholesaling’s July issue with an article called Eliminating Pain Points for Customers,. The article dives into how OmniCable provides a solution to “the problems the gray market creates through the unauthorized sale of these (circuit breakers) products.”
  • Everything You Need to Know About Portable Cord

    Portable cord is designed for flexible, temporary power. Proper product construction is essential because portable cord will be used in a wide variety of applications
  • Are You Utilizing OmniCable For Utility Projects? Now Stocking Tracer Wire

    Many of you may be working on utility projects this spring and summer, and OmniCable has your back. OmniCable’s warehouses are in full bloom with wire & cable products, value-added services, and solutions for your utility project, including the newly added tracer wire.
  • OmniCable Promotes Erik Knight to Corporate Sales Center Manager

    Omni Cable Corporation (OmniCable), headquartered in West Chester, PA, is proud to announce the promotion of Erik Knight to Corporate Sales Center (CSC) Manager. In this role, Knight is responsible for the day-to-day operations and leadership of OmniCable’s Corporate Sale Center.
  • Industrial Ethernet Zones for Industrial Spaces

    Are you confused on where Industrial Ethernet cable should be placed in harsh industrial conditions? Nexans has a great infograph in where they identify 3 main “zones” of harsh conditions for industrial spaces.
  • Aluminum Building Wire: Overview and Value Added Services

    OmniCable proudly sells Aluminum Building Wire nationwide. Our offerings include XHHW Wire, Feeder MC, Secondary Underground, Service Entrance, and Mobile Feeder Home.
  • OmniCable Product Breakdown by Market

    Products OmniCable provides organized under the following markets Industrial, Commercial & Residential, Utility, and OEM...
  • Why Purchase Circuit Breakers from OmniCable?

    Your customers rely and trust that you will provide them with authentic product from an authorized source. Unauthorized sources rely on deception and aggressive pricing. Identifying counterfeit and/or refurbished breakers can be extremely difficult, especially relabeled product with unknown damages...
  • Tray Cable

    Tray cable can be used in many different types of cable tray systems, ranging from fixed wiring within buildings to hazardous locations and factory floors. Designed for general use in manufacturing, industrial, and commercial distribution systems and in control circuits for the operation and interconnection...
  • Circuit Breakers

    OmniCable now sells Eaton® and Square D™ circuit breakers to electrical distributors, providing them with authorized, safe, and reliable products through a single source. OmniCable is an extension of your warehouse with an extensive inventory of circuit breakers and accessories. Circuit breakers are...
  • OmniCable Value-Added Services

    At OmniCable, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of value-added cable services, including Striping, Twisting, Dyeing, Lashing, and Paralleling. These accommodations are just another example of how OmniCable provides you with world-class service and is your one-stop-shop for wire...
  • OmniCable – Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I reach my local OmniCable representative? All you have to do is call 800-292-OMNI. Your call will be routed to the OmniCable office that handles the region you are calling from. Do you provide emergency services? Absolutely! OmniCable is available 24/7. Just call 800-292-OMNI. Can my customer...
  • Armored Cables

    For harsh industrial conditions, using the wrong cable can be extremely costly. For some industrial processes, downtime can cost thousands of dollars every minute. There is one simple and easy solution to provide the safety, dependability and reliability to your industrial process, and that is armor. Armored cable...
  • Cable Management

    Coordination of wire and cable bill of materials for a project or job that requires specific services beyond standard supply and demand. Projects that require this type of service can range in size from $50K to $10M. When Do You Need Cable Management Services? You may need cable management...
  • Understanding Automation

    Automation environments are demanding, and wire and cable needs to be able to perform under the most extreme conditions without the risk of failure. Whether it is an OEM or MRO application, it is vital to provide a solution designed specifically for that application in order to protect your factory, devices...