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As a result of Belden’s new Global Partner Program, OmniCable is now a premier redistributor partner of Belden products who does not sell direct and compete with electrical distributors.

Belden Inc. delivers a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the mission-critical network infrastructure needs of industrial and enterprise markets. With innovative solutions targeted at reliable and secure transmission of rapidly growing amounts of data, audio and video needed for today's applications, Belden is at the center of the global transformation to a connected world. Founded in 1902, the company is headquartered in St. Louis and has manufacturing capabilities in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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Belden Blogs

  • OmniCable and Belden Celebrate 10 Years of Partnership

    OmniCable commemorated its 10-year partnership with Belden in October with company-wide celebratory events. On October 10, Belden representatives visited each OmniCable branch to celebrate this milestone and relationship.
  • REV Up Your Industrial Ethernet Connectors with Belden's REVConnect RJ45

    Performance, reliability, and time-to-install are not always on your side when selecting connectors for Industrial Ethernet field-termination. Bonded-pair technology can be specifically difficult to terminate.Belden has found that customer pain points include the following...
  • OmniCable Receives Belden’s Pinnacle Award for 2nd Straight Year

    Omni Cable Corporation (OmniCable) recently received Belden’s Pinnacle award for its 2017 growth with Belden. OmniCable grew its purchases across all major Belden industrial cable product categories in 2017, with notable growth in VFD and Industrial Ethernet.
  • OmniCable Now Stocking Belden PROFINET Cables

    OmniCable is proud to announce the expansion of its Belden inventory to now include PROFINET cables. This is a new DataTuff product for Belden that was released to the public in January 2016.
  • Belden VFD Cable

    OmniCable stocks Belden’s extensive line of VFD cables to meet your needs for product integrity. Belden’s VFD cables were specially designed to effectively handle high voltage spikes, which can damage the cable, motor, bearings, drives and related equipment. Its ER rating allows for the elimination of conduit for easier and less expensive installations, and they are impervious to harsh conditions, eliminating downtime due to cable failure. Belden VFD cables deliver top performance in any type of environment. Belden’s thicker, industrial-grade XLPE insulation provides low capacitance to extend motor life, reduce the likelihood of corona discharge, reduce the magnitude of standing waves, and increase efficiency of power transfer...